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Our RC toy trucks are rugged and fast. We have models for young beginners and advanced racers that can achieve speeds up to 45 MPH!
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Everyone loves loves trucks.  I think a lot of people buy them to haul things and they love that feeling of sitting higher and seeing over the smaller cars on the road. In the US last year, over 10 million trucks were purchased to travels the roads of America. We have RC toy trucks that are just as fun to drive and you don't even need a drivers license and you'll never get stuck in traffic. Most RC toy trucks come with a pistol grip remote control, adjustable front wheel alignment, metal spring shock absorbers, over-sized rubber grip tires and bright colorful decals (please check each product for unique specifications). Our RC toy trucks start with kids ages 3+ and go higher with our more advanced nitro trucks and cars. Have a great time with your RC toy trucks! Thank you for shopping with Innovative Cams!